And May Be We Need New Numbers


I remember the discussion I had last month with my college seniors about what we all mean by being or making something perfect. I was told that there exists nothing like perfect. Its not possible to make nearly anything perfect and its all about the point of view of someone towards something or someone. I made a counter argument saying, what if I decide to earn 100 rupee in next ten days and on the evening of the tenth day I count my collection and it turns out to be exactly 100 rupee,will my statement and the effort I made be not counted as perfect!. Then I had  believe that this argument of mine was also not perfect since it was just according to my point of view. May be there was some other way of making 100 rupee with less effort than I had made in these 10 days. After some more discussion one of my seniors said perfection is like the speed at which the light travels and had to rest my case since in the physical world there is nothing that travels at this speed.

When I came back to my room, my mind was still occupied by all those thoughts and arguments we just had. Suddenly one thing struck into my mind, wait they said there exists nothing like perfection at least in this physical and observable universe, but they also said, perfection is like the speed at which light travels, Tadaa!!! I win . They accepted there is at least one thing which is perfect: “The Speed of Light“. Might be that there is something which can travel fast enough to beat the light.Why not! Truly possible, its just that we have not figured it out yet.But at the moment I can think myself the winner.


Now, how does the above talk relates to numbers. Well! recently I have been reading about mathematics especially numbers in books and on the web too. I always thought the maths is all about perfection. If I say “This is one apple“, for instance, the number 1 can exactly represent one apple, no less and no more than one. As I read more about numbers several question started to bug my mind,like what exactly the number 0 (zero) represents, why can’t I perform all the mathematical operations on zero, which I perform on other numbers, for example, dividing the number by itself. I don’t know what exactly the result should be if zero is divided by zero.

Another such number is Infinity.May be its not even a number, but then what exactly Infinity represents to. May be I can think of a number for Infinity; how about the total number the smallest particle, that can exist on its own, in the whole universe. To me it makes at-least to some extant. But then the question arises of the number represented by negative Infinity.What could the negative Infinity represent. Again I rest my case.

As I read further I came across several other numbers like what exactly the 1/3 tells us.0.3333333…... so on. In computers and even in scientific calculations such numbers are sometimes rounded to some value beyond which there number has negligible effect on the calculation. Similarly, the concept of imaginary numbers also occupied some space in my mind.

And then I came across several mathematical constants like the Pythagoras’ constant √2, the Euler’s number e, and the most talked one: Archimedes’ constant π. I am sure every one has had an encounter with these numbers. It is the constant π which took a lot of attention of mine. A fun fact about several mathematical constants is that they do not even have an exact value; for example, the exact value of π has not derived yet. The value of π has been calculated to several hundreds of thousands of decimal places, but no exact value has been derived so far.  Although, there are several mathematical formulas present to to calculate this constant, none of them has been able to give some exact value. All the mathematician and scientists do is just use its value up to a significant position.

Now, when I look back on to these numbers and try to find the exact values for them, it looks like I am trying to square a circle. My mind then forces me to think whether the numbers that we use are enough to represent everything. May be not. May be there is a need of another set of numbers which can accommodate all these mathematical constants. It might be possible to have a number which can represent the 100% exact value of π. May be there is some value which can help derive the 1/3 of every number. May be there is something more to the number zero which we have not been able to find so far. Surely, there can be(and a need too for) a whole new concept of new number system other than the decimals or binary or hexadecimals, which can help providing solutions to these unsolved questions.


P.S.: Here is an interesting relation between the constant √2 and a normal A4 size paper which we use for normal printing:

The lengths of sides of a full A4 size paper have a ratio of √2. Now if you fold the paper from the middle of the longer side, the resulting sides are still in the ratio of √2 and it continues.


A B C of Delhi and Women Prosperity

Women Safety

To clarify what A B C mean:

A: Aam Aadmi Party(AAP)

B: Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)

C: Congress
Recently the Delhi had Assembly Elections and every participating party was promising to bolster the Women Security. The reason was clear: the recent rapid increase in incidents of rapes in the Indian Capital. Not just in Delhi, the whole country is facing this problem; the safety for women, and their encouragement including their security, education and support. The ABCs had included their own ways to tackle this giant problem; BJP promised to change the way people are provided the education at the early age saying that  primary way of education decides the way person behaves. On the other side, AAP promised to install 1.5 m CCTV cameras in the state, which people reacted saying nearly impossible thing to do and a breach in personal privacy. The AAP gave the explanation referring to U.S. President’s recent visit to India when nearly 14 thousand CCTV cameras were installed in the state and were removed after the visit was over.

It was the AAP who conceded never before win in the history of Delhi, winning 67 assembly seats out of total 70. Its worth mentioning here that BJP the party, to which the Indian Prime Minister belong, proposed the name of a woman Kiran Bedi, for their Chief Ministerial  candidate. Kiran Bedi was the first IPS officer of India and has a very good and strict image in India. But none of these worked out for BJP and they were reduced to a single digit(3) in terms of total seats won by them.

On the other side it was the AAP not more the a three year old party, whose basis of foundation was to fight against corruption, with very young leaders and workers. They promised to continue their fight against corruption and provide security for women.

The last party to look for was Congress to which Rahul Gandhi represent and had ruled Delhi for more than 15 year. They didn’t even won even a single seat in the elections, so probably no point in talking about it further.

Women in India

In India(India Society), women are thought of next to goddess. Even being a very large and tremendously diversified country, India has almost same status for women in almost every part of India. But recently, as I travelled to different parts of the country, I have seen various difference between the behaviours towards women.

One thing that I was unable to ignore is the difference between education of girls. In some parts girls are provide a maximum of 10th grade education and in some parts they are highly qualified engineers and scientists. Also their involvement in politics is quite different at various places. As I travelled to southern part I could see loads of hoardings of political people. It is a very easy thing to notice that out of 100 of these political or social hoardings you won’t find even a single face of woman in first 98. One can find even an eighteen year old boy’s face in the hoardings. So in a typical publicity board you can find around 15-20 male faces but not even a single woman. Its not that women have bad reputation in that area or they are not willing to work in politics. Here  women stay(or may be are kept) at home and come out only for celebrations like weddings with a big amount of gold and jewellery. It makes me feel as they are just a piece of showcase on particular events or family gathering, just to show how much gold the family possesses.  But in the same society there are women who are software professionals doing amazing jobs at high positions.

In other parts, girls are made to marry in a very early age even before they are eighteen. So there is no chance for them to study and learn. One of the biggest reason is the illiteracy and social status of parents, but even so called educated people also do this to their daughters. One reason of this is also related to security of women. The parents give explanation of child marriage that, being married at early life the woman is provided security by her husband as the parents are not able to keeps their daughter safe. In some states like Haryana, the local justice system have been accusing the females for the rape and other security issues. They say, “the woman or the girl must have provoked the males. She should not have wore those tight clothes or jeans.” Instead of punishing the culprits, the girl is forced to marry the person who raped her or the girl’s family is expelled from the society as their girl has ruined the respect of the village or society. Also sometimes the food especially fast food are made the reason for these incidents. In these situations it is still really hard to imagine the life of a girl or woman.

Back To Delhi

Now coming back to the state of Delhi, as the it is one of the central states in India so it has a mixture of almost every culture of India society. Because of this, Delhi has all the unique virtues and problems too, especially related to women and girls security and education. After the Delhi votes, the very first job of the new Chief Minister is to ensure the safety for the females. It is said about Delhi that even males are not safe in Delhi even if your are driving to home in your own car.  In these scenarios its really hard to root out the problem, probably that is why the AAP has promised to install 1.5m CCTV cameras in the state.


After the elections and in the light of recent events, the women are hoping that something will change in Delhi. We all are hoping that streets in the night will be safer for everyone to some extent at least.

After this long post “Even God made women as a reason to ensure the prosperity of the Human kind, be it Sita in Ramayana or Draupadi in the Mahabharata or the holy Ganga“.